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Operational & Concept Design

Having the correct catering equipment in the right place can improve the operators working experience,  whilst saving time, money and energy. Drawing on extensive industry experience, Bentley Consulting Limited can provide operationally sound design food solutions either via 3rd party critique, as a stand-alone design service, or as a fully integrated presence within any size project design team.


Interior Design & Brand Development

In the fast paced, ever changing world of food-service, any food outlets design and branding can make or break the business. So whether creating a single brand identity, an interior design package or a whole new food concept, our team can support you in creating the visual impact your business requires in this ever increasing competitive industry.


Strategic Micro & Master Estate Planning

Having a documented plan for the delivery of any catering services can provide business clarity, save money and demonstrates leadership to your peers. Spanning both Education and Business & Industry sectors, Bentley Consulting Limited can support clients in the planning, development and implementation of food & beverage strategies for single sites, whole estates, moves and acquisitions


Specification & Tender Documentation and Process

Any market tender is only as good as the specification or detail that supports it. Working alongside in-house procurement teams, or as a standalone specialist on both operational design or a service lead project, our team will be able to steer you through the tender process. We believe that whilst it is important to convey accurately what is required, too much paper is wasteful and can dilute the message – concise and to the point is preferred. Remember the devil is in the detail not the volume!


Cost & Project Coordination / Management

Whether supporting our Clients in-house teams, or providing a stand alone, turnkey project transition solution, Bentley Consulting Limited is trusted by its clients to deliver specialist project management solutions for all areas of an F&B project. Passionate about the projects we deliver, we ensure financial budgets are maintained, project timescales are met and the end result adds real business value. 


Building Services Advice & Support

Making suitable allowances for building services at an early stage of any project is fundamental, but no more so than in commercial catering spaces. These areas are often highly serviced, and can be notoriously hard to design due to the extensive range of equipment available to the end users within the marketplace. Our team can support not just main contractors and specialist consultants, but also in-house Client FM teams to ensure any MEP design or provision is realistic, will achieve the project needs and is truly deliverable.


Space & Financial Modelling

Using specific industry based models and user profiles, the review and planning of operational space versus optimum financial performance is one Bentley Consulting Limited can advise and support on.

Expert Witness

Nobody ever likes having legal disputes, however sometimes a legal course of action is the only solution. Bentley Consulting Limited is able to act as an Independent Expert Witness and provide independent support advice as required for most areas of the hospitality business inclining food service design / kitchen layouts, catering equipment and extract systems. In addition to preparing detailed reports, we are also able to undertake site assessments and attend court.

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