About Us

Who We Are

Bentley Consulting (UK) Limited is an independent, whole of market catering design and management consultancy practice working solely within the foodservice and hospitality sectors.

After more than 20 years in the consultancy market place, the practice was formed in 2014 by David Bentley and has soon gained a reputation for challenging conventional thinking in the higher education, stadia, leisure, healthcare, business & industry and retail markets.

What We Do

Forming the basis for all our work, and being central to our thinking, the practice prides itself on having the curiosity to explore the unique and full potential of every commission, with the courage to ask the difficult questions and the conviction to bring the best solutions to life, whilst raising and setting new industry standards.

This bespoke, ‘non formulaic’ approach to all that we do ensures we can provide each individual client project with the support, appropriate skills and advice in order to develop and realise innovative and intelligent hospitality solutions that are not just practical and operationally sound, but also allow their businesses to thrive, whilst being aligned to the specific project outputs and aspirations.

In house consultancy services include:

  • Initial concept design, through to fully detialed operational facilities of all catering areas (kitchens, serveries, bars etc)
  • Catering specific interior design and brand development
  • MEP support, advice and concept design
  • 3rd party design review / ‘critical friend’ alongside the client team
  • Equipment specification / tender documentation development, process and review
  • Equipment energy review / reduction and equipment recommendation
  • Cost / project coordination and management
  • Catering Space & Business / Financial Modelling
  • Strategic micro & master estate planning including the creation and review of catering strategies
  • 3rd Party catering suppler / contract specification, procurement, review and ongoing contract management
  • Expert witness services

Why Us?

Our work is inspired and driven by ensuring that all our clients receive the most current industry thinking, whilst being supported by a dedicated team of industry professionals and a belief that long-winded processes can stifle creativity and progression – shorter, more deliverable solutions often gain traction quicker.

  • An industry specialist that is truly independent and whole of market
  • Industry specific design and management disciplines under one roof
  • In-house project design processes that follow the RIBA Plan of Work 2020
  • Knowledge and understanding of modern business challenges & current legislations
  • Professional teams with experience at both senior and operational industry levels
  • True Client team integration into all that we do
  • Challenging convention to raise and set new industry standards
  • Proven bespoke, realistic business solutions
  • A true belief that long term relationship foster the most successful outcomes
  • Client confidentiality and discretion assured

…….and finally, a quiet ‘get on and do’ approach

the curiosity to explore - the courage to question - the conviction to deliver

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